Day Dreaming

The  act of daydreaming  is usually considered as being lazy, unproductive or some even say mentally ill.

During the covid -19 pandemic we all need to "daydream" to protect our faith and hopes.

A slight of wordplay that I want to bring out is "day" and "dream" separately. It's a feeling of imagining something that you would like to happen again (a better day) instead of just a series of pleasant thoughts about something you would prefer to be doing or something you would like to achieve in the future. The feeling that you can have consciously by remembering it. It's not a wishful thought but a thought that you once already have and can easily be retrace.

Is it not true that you can change your physical conditions by first creating the feeling of it?

The stitched method of bookbinding is used as symbolic gesture of mending. 

These zines were made for Culturegem, Brussel as part of their public pandemic support program.

Dorset, England.

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