Parks, have always been symbols for different aspects of humanity for me.
During the covid-19 pandemic, when the whole world shuts down, I craved for that very sense of humanity and our connection to nature.
There is an oddity to parks, they are supposed to create a natural space for us urban folks, yet they are created, they are human-made and kept in ‘pristine’ condition by people. Not wild. Nature but not the wild kind.
I wanted to explore these parks, their differences around the world.
To be able to paint “en plain air”, I used the only method I know and I am allowed to use, through another human creation, Google.
I walked the street views with my "Googly" eyes looking for scenes; moving and shifting compositions to mimic certain ambiances. Distorted perspective has also been incorporated in my work as it is the trademark of having Google Views as frame of dimensions.

Parc de la Boverie - Liège, watercolours on paper.

Ecoparque de Buenos Aires, watercolours on paper.

Koboyama Park - Japan, watercolours on paper.

Gwangseongbo - South Korea, watercolours on paper.

Kemphaan - Almere, watercolours on paper.

De Hoge Veluwe -  Arnhem, acrylic on canvas.

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